For your information, I am glad I am not the one claiming to know all the solutions and will make sure not to pretend so in future as well.
It is interesting to make a comparison between travelling and business. In an air plane the left wing and the right wing are equally important. Modern air planes can deal with engine failure and most of the time still land safely. With one damaged wing however it becomes a different story. 

Since we know that most air crashes are the result of human error we must take a close look at the capabilities of the pilot. A pilot needs to be mentally stable and in a good physical condition. Still, as a safety measure, regulations rule that commercial flights should be managed by two pilots.
The technical state of an aircraft might be superb, human conduct strongly influences the result of the flight. If one of the pilots is not acting in accordance with the required behaviour (intentionally or unintentionally) the other should take over and proceed in a safe and responsible manner. Simply because there is a responsibility and obligation to passengers,company and environment.

Others will carefully watch the performance of the carrier and pilots to ensure that the trust in the system and the company is safeguarded providing a sound level of stability and security.
Times of crisis requires even more of this: the Wings (the employees) should stay level, the Pilots (managers in charge) should act responsible and demonstrate that the general purpose of their mission (getting the economics of the business on the rails again) is more important that their own status and pride and let Co-pilots (second in command) fulfill a leading role if needed. Taking in advice is a sign of good leadership and not a weakness.

Only then, stability and security can be demonstrated to important stakeholders (shareholders, employees, suppliers and potential future providers of financial aid) when needed.

Remember times of great disasters tsunamis, wars and for instance the step to become independent as a nation ….. at that times countries and populations become strong by uniting their forces and demonstrate to be able to accomplish great things over and over again. In businesses things work identical.

For Slovenian companies, we know it is a time to demonstrate that we are all aiming for the same end result. We might not always agree on the route that the others propose but lets keep the goal in mind. Agreeing to disagree, at times, and sticking to efforts aiming at the same mutual benefit can get us out of the mess we are in now and can surely prevent the nation and the businesses which are instrumental to generate funding, stability and increased employment opportunities, getting in an even worse position.

Unite, focus, put action in place and start applying positive leadership. The potential is there to demonstrate that history taught us a lesson and there is a future ready to be written.



Cees Nieboor

CEO HeRoes Group

President Learning Paths Europe